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How to promote YouTube channel

Today’s everybody want to grow. Whether it is personal growth or any skill growth. Everybody want to earn more money from YouTube. Everybody want to be famous in YouTube. They want they grow as a you tuber as soon as. They want more channel subscriber, they want more views for their video. But many people did not get success. Here I will tell you how to grow in you-tube without any request to other.

YouTube is the popular way to learn and earn money. So maximum people are using this platform to earn money online. Here I am telling you some activities to promote your channel.

Optimize your Channel home page :-

First, optimize your YouTube channel home page well. When any viewer come to your home page, then he like your channel creation and optimizing style. Describe your channel with attractive keyword, Attach your logo, and design your custom background, and make category of your videos. All these things your channel attractive and people will like this.

Create eye catching thumbnail of video :-

You have to create thumbnail eye catching, because its effect viewers. Thumbnail is primary content of your video. Viewers firstly saw your thumbnail before video. So if your thumbnail is attractive then viewers view your video definitely. It means after to read your video topic, viewers can easily understand about your video subjects. Always use best keywords.

Use social media platform to attract viewer.

When you make video for your youtube channel, then you have to share it on all social media platform. Organic traffic and views come from social media. Share your link on all platforms, Always use appropriate hash tag with your video . share on whatsapp with your friends and family members and all groups.

Use Email marketing :-

Lots of people use email daily. You can share your video to all emails you have to collected. Its called Email marketing. Share your video link to all on their Gmail account. If your thumbnail and title is attractive, then they will visit your channel.

Create your blog page:-

This is the best way to increase subscriber for your channel. Create one blog page or website. Add content daily on your blog page and share your video link with your blog. If your blog gets more visitors than your channel viewers will also increase.

Update regular yourself:-

Always update and keep active on your YouTube channel. If you want to grow your YouTube channel fast then you have to upload maximum videos. If you upload maximum video on your channel, viewers will increase.

Comment on other You Tube channel :-

This is also a good way to promote your channel . Subscribe big YouTube channel, when they upload new videos, then you comment of first. When their viewers visit their channel then they also read your channel name. If anyone ask question on comment section, you reply fast. If they got solution by you, then they will visit your channel also.

Organize contest on your channel :-

If you could spent some money, then organize contest time to time, and give the price to winner. You can also create guideline to follow by the visitors, you can put condition like subscribe the channel and share the videos etc.

Talk to other you tuber to promote your channel:-

If you try to talk with any big you tuber, then probably they will not accept your request. So request to small you tuber for friendship. Tell them about your channel to promote. May be they will not avoid your request.

Don’t make fake video.

Many people thinks that there are so many fake videos are available in youtube. If you also making fake video to gain more viewers for your channel, then stop all these nonsense. It will decrease the value of your channel.

Do SEO for your channel :-

Videos which are trending, got more effective SEO. All videos with proper SEO, rank on Google and You Tube. So here, this is advisable to do SEO well for your video.

Some strategic tips are here:-

  • Use full keyword and complete title.

  • Write about your video topic on descriptions and also use appropriate keyword in video descriptions.

  • If possible increase more subscriber for your channel. More subscribe channel gets more video views.

  • Select Time, Target location when uploading video.

  • Enable subscribe button to get more subscriber. Always talk to your viewers to subscribe the channel on starting and last on video.

Always make video on popular keyword:-

When you make video on any topic, then take popular keywords on that time. For example when you making video on Holi, then take high search keyword HOLI. It will increase the chance to get more visitors on your channel.

So these are some tips to gain more visitors and viewers to your channel. Always remembers – best topics and best video creation easily get success. So if you want to become a You Tuber then follow all these instructions. So that you could grow on digital world.

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