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New trends on digital marketing on 2020.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Here are mentioned some new trends in digital marketing era. Digital marketing trends can not be ignored. If your presence are continue with digital platform then its sure that your business growth are fix. but some trends are continuously changing.

  1. Instagram has already achieve its 1 billion users. It means it is a fast growing social media platform and very useful. mostly having users up to 30 years. it cover young demographic users. where Facebook is losing its priority because its maximum old age users up to 65 years.

  2. Chat bots is powerful on customer service - Chat bots are artificial intelligent software that communicating the users and assist him for achieve their goals. it is primarily use to interact customers with text massages in window box.

  3. 80% of business firms are preparing to launch chat-bots to interact with customers. they understand its importance in this view.

  • 24 hrs customer service.

  • Instant response to customers queries.

  • There are no need to break and overtime.

4. Video marketing is a powerful option - If you not visualize your marketing content, then you are not in especially when it comes to trying to sell your product or services.

5. Peoples are watching more videos for learning more about brands. apx. 70% of consumers are sharing brand videos. 75% business believe that they got more conversion through video marketing.

6. Video marketing is high engaging platform, specially on live streaming. It is a powerful digital marketing concept .

7. Content marketing is an essential components of digital marketing. a good content generate conversion to the businesses. Google is developing sophisticated understand of online marketing. so all marketer must think carefully about their targeted market.

8. Email marketing is continue with its importance. when you can trigger your email for product or service marketing to your targeted customers, it can be very effective

9. Interactive content is mainstream. it is anything that people can click on, swipe or interact with online. some of the main interactive content is :-

Quiz and polls

360 degree video.

Augmented reality ads.

10. Social massaging apps like Facebook massage, whats app are very important in businesses.

- 1.3 billion users are active in FB massanger sent 10 billion massages every months.

- whats app has 1.6 billion active users, sending over 55 billions massages in a day.

massaging apps allows to companies to reach a broad audience with short personalized text.

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