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Some smart marketing strategy tips

In this blog, We are talking about some marketing strategy tips for your business. Think defferent – A new ideas about marketing strategy that make big changes in your business plan. Normally we follow traditional strategy for our business marketing and branding. Now try these tips –

Ghost marketing

Ghost marketing is used by companies who do not have an in-house marketing department. They outsource promotional activity of their product or service to other agencies.

Who promote the brand through digital marketing, social media, blogging, Twitter accounts .

For example to promote a new vehicle one can use media like Autocar India, Zigwheels etc..

IPL cricket award of a new Audi Car is also a ghost marketing..Because the brand is not promoted by the company

What are the inexpensive marketing strategies?

Marketing for small businesses is difficult. Knowing what to do or where to start can be overwhelming and confusing. What works for one business may not work for another. What you as a business owner have to do is find out what works for your business. There are different types of marketing strategies when it comes to internet marketing, but these few tips should help you to see success no matter which tool or platform you use.

1. Social Media

This is the most obvious zero-cost marketing technique. Each social media platform allows you to promote your business’ brand, services, news and advice to a broad audience. The trouble is that social media is not considered to be a great sales tool, but is highly useful in product research.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another established way for you to draw attention to your brand. In essence, you are promoting your knowledge to the audience of the host blog, which can help you reach new audiences and develop relationships with strategic partners. Guest blogging can be very rewarding as both you and the host will promote the content.

3. Blog Commenting

Reading and responding to content on other blogs is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and get noticed. Many blogs also allow you to share a link to your site. This can be really beneficial for SEO and direct traffic. However, this strategy can backfire if used incorrectly, so to ensure that you aren’t going to annoy the writers of the original content, always give short responses and do not promote your services on their blog.

4. Word-of-Mouth

Beyond anything, word of mouth is one of the best and most cost-effective ways for you to draw attention to your brand. People trust the recommendation of their peers and therefore if you can get others to recommend your business, you can quickly grow.

5. Networking

If you operate a b2b business, then networking groups can be a really great way to get news of your brand and products out to the mass audience. Some networking groups do cost, but others are free. Some trade shows host networking events, and these can be free to attend as a guest. The important thing to remember is to practice your elevator pitch as this can make all the difference between connecting with the right prospect or not.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is cost effective, especially if you use a free service where you don’t pay anything for the first 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month. Email is also very useful with more than three-quarters of consumers preferring to receive promotional content via their email box.

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. This involves high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in more personal and memorable level. Some large companies use unconventional advertisement techniques, proclaiming to be guerrilla marketing but those companies will have larger budget and the brand is already visible.[1] The main point of guerrilla marketing is that the activities are done exclusively on the streets or other public places, such as shopping centers, parks or beaches with maximum people access so as to attract a bigger audience.

1. Engage in offline guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a generic term for the use of unconventional marketing strategies, and because online marketing channels are so narrowly structured, offline is the best arena to flex your small business’s guerrilla marketing muscle. So, starting now, ignore what you know about marketing channels, and let your inner child out to play.

· Offline guerrilla marketing ideas:

· Leave sticky notes in random places (bars, coffee shops).

· Use chalk to advertise promotions on a sidewalk.

· “Accidentally” leave a branded pen at the bank.

· Donate branded bookmarks to your local library.

· Use sticky notes to create temporary images on buildings, cars, etc.

2. Drop business cards

This is one offline guerrilla marketing strategy that I want to talk about specifically. It’s more of a necessity than an option. If you run a small business, you must have business cards and dole them out! Don’t just share them when you first meet someone new. Drop them everywhere.

· Places to drop business cards:

· Leave a business card with your tip at a restaurant.

· See a public bulletin board? Put up a business card.

· Go to the library and place business cards in books related to your business.

· When you see a contest fish bowl asking for business cards, drop yours in. Always.

3. Take pictures/videos of everything

Because social media marketing takes place online, many business owners and marketers forget that social campaigns can be boosted by offline efforts. One way to do this is by taking photos of company events and daily activities, and then posting those online. Videos help too. If someone from your company speaks at an event, for example, record it and upload it to YouTube.

Real-life photos from the offline world show the personality of your company and increase online user engagement. Facebook posts with photos, for example, receive 84% more clicks and twice as many Likes than text-only posts, according to Kissmetrics. And some of the most popular social networks (Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr) are image-based, making photos ever more important for online marketing.

4. Donate gift certificates or products as prizes

By offering your product or service as the prize for a local contest, you can build visibility for your business while showing your commitment to the community.

If your business provides computer repairs, for example, you could donate a gift certificate for a 2-hour repair to a local non-profit organization. The organization may announce your branded prize to a room full of sponsors. Your business could also be listed in various publications, such as the organization’s website, newsletter, or even a press release.

5. Speak at events

Professional events offer a great way to meet new people, share your ideas, and build brand awareness. They’re even more effective if you speak at them. Find a local event related to your industry, come up with an educational topic you can speak on, and volunteer. If you don’t yet have the level of clout required to speak at an event, attending events can be just as helpful.

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