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The new concept of marketing - MODERN MARKETING

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The consumer oriented marketing patter has rise up a new philosophy of marketing. This marketing concept focus on requirement of potential customers and supply the product to fulfill their needs. This new marketing trends call modern marketing.

In any marketing concept the customer is the center point where any type of business and services moves. The basic objective of the any firm is not the increase only sales volume and make profit, but also increase the satisfaction of customers. and all the marketing concepts and activity integrated with this objective.

The marketing concept of any firm and their managers are an integrated process of needs and satisfactions. all production are carried on according to the needs of customers. so that modern marketing concept are based to sell the satisfactions to customers , not only to sell the product.

The modern marketing concept has these pillar -

  • Identification of customers on the targeted market.

  • Understand and analyse the needs of customers by connecting with them.

  • Design the product and services as per targeted customers needs.

  • Ensuring profitable sales.

Feature of marketing concepts. -

Customer orientations - All marketing concept start with customer needs for the product and services you are providing, and end with the complete satisfactions of the targeted customers.

Long term prospect - Marketing concepts seeks the development of the business and profit over longer periods. an effective marketing concept has develop the long relationship with them, so they can attract new customers for future.

Profitable sales growth - A profitable business and marketing is that by which any company generate the revenue after maximize the sales through customer satisfactions. Focus on consumer needs will lead the business to engage in research and activities. after all the customers will get better product and services.

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