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Twitter has launched new feature " Voice Tweet "

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Since long time twitter user was facing one problem that they can not put their whole massages in one tweet. Whether it was language problem, Word limit problem, or any type of media sharing problem, they could not put their thinking about any topic in tweet.

Now tweeter has remove this problem after realizing from its platform. this will be a great solution for all twitter user who are continue facing this complaint. Tweeter has launched the new feature " Voice Tweet " . Now , all tweeter user can share their thoughts and all the things via voice as well as type massage.

Now you can add your voice tweet to take following steps.

Tap the Tweet compose icon.

Tap the voice icon.

Tap the red record button to begin recording your message, then tap Done when you're finished.

You have the option to add Tweet text and/or start a thread with multiple Tweets. ... When you're ready, tap Tweet to send.

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